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Jan 2, 2013 8:00am PST
. it is reaffirmation of the enduring bonds between the united states and italy and tribute to our history as partners and allies and marker of our shared value and heritage. our ties are embedded in the very root of the american story. america is discovered by the italians and named by an italian and built by thousands of italians and our community representing literally millions of bridges between the countries. through research and innovation italy will remain a bafton of creativity and beautiful. may our common history and sustained by our common values and common faith in the future continue to grow and flourish. with warmest regards, nancy pelosi". thank you very much. [applause] >> so mayor lee, senator leno, state assembly member and leaders and ladies and gentlemen. it's a real honor for me to celebrate with you today the start of the italian culture in the united states. nancy pelosi was with our foreign minister in washington dc, but san francisco is the first major city after washington dc that follows suit, that follows washington dc, so again a little like the giants that want to
Jan 11, 2013 12:30am PST
culture but to kick start it. it was really just a few months ago that the ambassador ofity italy came through and talk about this wonderful thing they were to do to celebrate year of italian culture but transfer that to our country of the united states so i know they're going to start those events in washington dc with their celebrations but let us san francisco celebrate -- mayor aleato and our wonderful history here and allow us to do a preliminary launch and so that's what we're attempting to do tonight and celebrate with you this launch of italian culture. it's very meaningful for us to did that year. we have a lot to celebrate. let me just say that painters, scrptdures, poets, musicians, designers, mathematicians, great architects of the italian country have come here to san francisco. we have experienced so much of the italian talent here in san francisco. that's why we wanted to be celebrating here and i am so glad to be joined not only by senator leno and assembly man amaino and david chiu and scott wiener as well. they all want to get in on this great celebration because
Jan 29, 2013 2:00am PST
. italy -- why small businesses are protesting against tax collectors. and luxembourg -- why illegal immigrants there want to get registered. children are typically raised by tibia will parents, but does it matter if they are a mother and father, or can two fathers or two mothers do just as well -- children are typically raised by two parents. single-sex families are a controversial issue in europe. the number of so-called rainbow families are on the rise, but their legal status varies from country to country. in germany, gay and lesbian couples cannot jointly adopt a child or a baby. they can only adopt as individuals. in france, when the government announced its intention to give homosexual couples equal adoption rights, large crowds took to the streets in protest. >> for these two little boys, having two mothers is nothing unusual. their parents are a lesbian couple. beatrice, seen here, adopted the boys as a single woman. her partner had no legal say in it, and by french law, singles may adopt, but same-sex couples may not. an initiative is under way to change that. for these two
Jan 28, 2013 8:30am EST
countries: ireland, then portugal, now spain and cyprus, and reaching italy, uh, and has mutated from a strictly sovereign-debt government crisis to a banking crisis and sort of sectoral crisis. >> the origins of the european debt crisis are multiple. the approximate cause was the fact that many countries recently have had a large increase in budget deficits and there's lots of public debt to levels that are unsustainable. in some countries this was due to bad fiscal behavior, too much spending, too little taxes like in greece, but in other parts of the eurozone, like spain or ireland, the problem was that there was a bubble in real estate and housing. when the bubble burst, the countries went into a recession. when there is a recession your deficit increase, then you have to bail out banks, financial institutions, and the private losses get socialized. it happened in the u.s. and then you have a surge of public debt. >> these bubbles, either in government spending or in the banks or in the property sector, were essentially fueled by what tends to always drive crises in human history,
Jan 13, 2013 5:30am PST
-- doha. remembering the victims of a sunken cruise ship one year after the accident in italy. as pollution in beijing goes off of the scale, 20 million residents are being urged to stay indoors. tba -- wonach's former leader has a -- egypt's former leader has won a retrial. our reporter is live in cairo. both mubarak and the prosecutors have won an appeal for a retrial. both parties wanted this. is that unusual? >> no, it is not unusual at all. this court is known to be a meticulous establishment. it looks at the procedures of the previous court, of the prosecution, and it does throw out previous convictions on procedural grounds. this does not come as a surprise at all. this means hosni mubarak will be having a fresh, new trial in which both files -- both sides can introduce new evidence. >> what was the court's's problem but the prosecution last time? what measures will be taken to ensure they have been stronger case this time? >> the court session today was quite brief. we will be keeping an eye to see what explanation the court has as to why it threw out the previous conv
Jan 19, 2013 6:30pm EST
gianluca, was born in roseto degli abruzzi, a very beautiful part of central italy. as you know, the three of us met on an italian talent contest that gianluca won, only two years ago. we have been singing together ever since, and tonight gianluca sings "musica proibita" for you. [music playing] gianluca: ♪ogni sera di sotto al mio balcone sento cantar una canzon d'amore piu' volte la ripete un bel garzone e battere mi sento forte il cuore, e battere mi sento forte il cuor oh quanto e' dolce quella melodia, oh com'e' bella quanto m'e' gradita, che io la canti non vuol la mamma mia, vorrei saper perche' me l'ha proibita, ella non c'e' ed io la vo' cantar, la frase che m'ha fatto palpitare. vorrei baciare i tuoi capelli neri, le labbra tue e gli occhi tuoi severi, vorrei morir con te angel di dio, o bella innamorata tesor mio, qui sotto il vidi ieri a passeggiare, e lo sentiva al solito cantar. vidi ieri a passeggiare, e lo sentiva al solito cantar. [music playing] stringimi o cara stringimi al tuo core fammi provar l'ebbrezza dell'amor.♪ fammi provar l'ebbrezza dell
Jan 28, 2013 4:00am EST
will hold. 4.1% in italy. there will be a couple of italian debt auctions later this morning. spain, 5.16% is the level there. bunds, 1.63%, so we have seen them move out a little bit. in the u.s., earnings will include exxon. nymex and brent are down this morning. nymex by 0.1%. brent by 0.4%. great stories and illustration in the "financial times" today talking about shale burn as more of that sail oil production has increased. but gas outflows are big. you can see them the way you might see the city of minneapolis and the city of chicago. that's raising plenty of questions. over here, gold is continuing to sell off, down 1.6%. it's been under pressure for the last couple of weeks as growth prospects around the world have actually started to perk up a little bit. copper, though, is just fractionally lower, too. so it's different, perhaps, than what's happening with global demand. quick check off forex, we know the sterling has been weaker, but now another 0.4% against the dollars. 1.57 is the level there. it was shortly a go above 1.60. australian dollar, weaker, too. the dollar/yen,
Jan 29, 2013 7:00am EST
. >> another day and another bailout and another banking scandal. this time in italy tariff talking about the world's oldest bank -- asking for $5.2 billion of taxpayer cash. the lender lost hundreds of millions of dollars in a big takeover deal, and certainly some risky market trades. now the people who were supposed to be supervising italy's banks are in the firing line. today, italy's economy minister appears before the parliamentary finance committee to pretty much answer the questions about the turmoil behind the spring. alan johnston in rome has more on what the bank bill at this time. >> the bank of italy itself has said managers had details of the risky trades. but you can expect the mta's on the parliamentary committee to have a lot of questions about who knew what, when, what was done and why weren't certain other things done to prevent the scale of the problems you see before us now. >> that is it. i don't know when the day comes when we will not have to talk about a banking scandal. >> absolutely. don't know when that will come. >> don't know, either. >> more coming up on "gmt
Jan 3, 2013 4:00am EST
.8%. the ftse mib, down 50.1 points. we saw yields lower in italy and spain. a little higher today. nevertheless, spanish yields 5.05%. ten-year italian yields, 4.3%. treshy yields, 1.8%. dollar/yen this morning, 87.14. kind of where we were this time yesterday. saucy dollar/u.s. dollar 1.0503. doll sterling/dollar, 11.6236. euro/dollar, 1.3166. kind of where we were yesterday. asian markets in china and japan will be catching up on news on the u.s. fiscal cliff deal. we'll get december sales figures from japan's retailing. the owner of stores are set to release its q1 earnings today. samsung electronics is expected to post its q4 earnings guidance. that's all on the agenda in asia. but what investors are to do with what we've got so far this year? joining us now, nicholas. these are the classic risk off day yesterday. how do you categorize it and what it means for -- >> well, i mean, obviously, you know, i think it's important to be clear that this was a rally not based -- based not on what the deal did, but what the deal undid. clearly, the good news is that the u.s. americansful
Jan 11, 2013 4:00am EST
since -- 4.18% in italy -- since around 2010. yields in italy, the costs come down to three-year lows yesterday. a pretty strong spanish auction yesterday. keep our eyes on this. so the currency markets are concerned, plenty of focus on dollar/yen. let's show you where we stand at the moment. 88.97. we have this morning been up to 89.35. euro/yen higher, stipulating around the 118 mark, as well. euro/dollar had big moves yesterday, posting with the spanish auction mr. draghi and the ecb coming out saying it was unanimous about no interest rate cuts whereas in the previous month there had been some discussion about that. euro/dollar, 11.3260. let's bring you up to speed with the asian trading session today as they wrap up the week. li sixuan joins us for the first time today. >> thanks, ross. japan was a clear outperformer after shinzo abe unveiled his massive stimulus plan. and the nikkei gained 1.4% today. just to put it into context, this index is up for the ninth straight week, its longest winning streak since late 1988. shares of stocks surged to nearly 5% after the operator of cl
Jan 7, 2013 4:00am EST
is the fact that we may get an undecided election, what will that do for sentiment around italy? >> i agree that the risks to the rally we've seen in italian income. i think the biggest risks in the short-term are political risks. in the end, i think the election situation in italy is staying pretty much as we expected. we expect any party would achieve an absolute majority in both houses and the italian parliament and be able to run as a coalition. i think the rule is that combination is one that is reasonably positive for the markets and reasonably positive in italian bond prices over the last year. >> is it your contention that actually they'll be the same relative degree of comfort in 2013? at the same time, we've had a big gain? >> well, i think how much value there still is in italian bonds, i think, you know, we have to be a little bit skeptical that there's a lot of value there. certainly what we've seen over the last year or so. having said that, i mean, i think italy is a country which has spanned the benefit or has benefited a lot which we've seen from the introduction of the omt
Jan 16, 2013 6:00am PST
pulling in cold air from the north. making things very unstable across italy over toward greece. about five to ten centimeters of snow away from the coastline is ended. italy near the coastline, around rome, you will see some thunderstorm activity, even into southern italy and off there toward greece. so widespread, rough weather will be persisting throughout the next several days, as these systems continue to run along. at least a little bit of a break in the iberian peninsula. once the next system comes in will bring in even more rainshowers. so one thing you have to look forward to, a little bit of a warmup in london and paris, now hovering at the freezing mark on your thursday. here is a look at your extended forecast. >>> we'll be back in 30 minutes with more news. i'm gene otani in tokyo. \s
Jan 18, 2013 2:00am PST
to weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> you have any favorites in these football games? >> italy always. >> big italy fan? >> i'm italian. >> i learn something new every day. >> schiavocampo. >> my irish roots, not the best. >> you can root for italy. >> i'll go for spain, jump on the bandwagon. let me take you through your weekend forecast. looking at nice conditions across the northeast. it will be a little brisk, but at least it's not going to be dry. not many slippery roads, with the exception of cape cod. temperatures where they should be for the most part. i know northern new england, you are pretty chilly this morning. enjoy this warm day while it lasts. chicago, kansas city, st. louis, the great lakes to minneapolis. this is it. the warmest you're probably going to be maybe for another couple weeks. we take the plunge from here. we begin to see signs of it on saturday with a high of 32 in minneapolis. a beautiful weekend day on saturday on the east coast. then as we get into sunday, the cold air really arrives. a high of 5 in minneapolis. chicago at 20 with some snow show
Jan 1, 2013 5:30am PST
for a change in power this year. italy's young voters, while many are vowing to avoid voting stations altogether. >> we have a tropical cyclone freda that caused widespread flooding and we could see flooding into new caledonia. that is the position of the storm. it continues to swirl is way away. it will stay to the west of new caledonia, but the strongest wind is making its way across the island. damaging wind at flooding range. we could see as much as two meters to 4 meters of breakwater. thursday, still very close by with more big downpours. the north island is expecting some [indiscernible] around 19 degrees celsius. sunshine to the good parts of of strict liquor -- of australia. and cooling off somewhat near perth. the north is seeing some heavy rain into indonesia, well over 300 millimeters of rain coming in here. family. you can visit /linktv to get started. >> the top stories here are the u.s. senate has passed a bill aimed at avoiding a financial crisis. become law. won't it is approved by the house of representatives, agee won't become law until -- won't become
Jan 23, 2013 12:00am EST
time between the fiat headquarters in turin, italy, and chrysler headquarters in auburn hills, michigan, but he is fully engaged on both continents at all times. i mean, when you're here, do you get calls? do you have to deal with fiat? >> yeah. that's why i get up at 3:30 in the morning, so i can deal with the european side and be fine here by the time i get in. i mean, the other thing that helps is the--our time zones. >> when do you go to sleep? >> 10:00. i'm not really a late night guy. i used to be when i was younger. >> besides being ceo of chrysler group and fiat automotive, which has nearly 200,000 employees at 166 plants worldwide, marchionne is also chairman of the fiat industrial group, which makes heavy equipment, and s.g.s., the world's largest standards and instruments company, based in geneva. he manages all of this with five different cell phones he totes around in his knapsack. you've got a lot of jobs. >> mm, i have some, yes. >> do you remember them all? >> yeah. but i don't get confused, since i do them all, yes? >> you and i have lived among workaholics in our day.
Jan 11, 2013 4:30am PST
italy as a green country and what do those efforts mean for san francisco. >> yes, definitely. i see that. i am happy while being in san francisco there is such an amazing attention to the environment. people are very environment conscious and i see community aggregations also to have renewable energy. it makes me very happy because in italy we have been following this path for a very long time. for example in the first six months of this year we installed photovoltaic panels larger than the united states all put together. it shows you the extent of the revolution happening. i am sure italian companies will be happy to work with the local institutions that have started to generate projects that will somehow go in that direction, and also we want to have parties and communication activities to show the people in the street that it is important to have sustainable behaviors and not to leave a carbon footprint behind us. >> [inaudible] >> yeah, if i understand correctly because -- you said about the innovation -- if we? >> [inaudible] >> yeah, okay. well, we're going to have in th
Jan 14, 2013 4:00am EST
yield. 10-year yield in italy, 4.18% there. talking about announcing a new bond yield in italy, whether or not they could get that away. the japanese prime minister is keeping the pressure on the bank of japan. we've been up to 89.67. euro/yen, up if you recall, 1119.34 is where we stand at the moment. euro/dollar, 11.335 55, holding on to the gains that we have seen on that particular cross rates. we have industrial production coming out in under an hour's time. that's where we trade right in and out in europe. let bring you the first update of the day from asia. li sixuan is out of singapore. >> hi. thank you, ross. asian markets mostly in the green today. and the outperformer is still china's shanghai composite hitting a seven-month high. this after security regulators said beijing can't miss the quota for investment markets. if you recall, late last week, a top official tr china's signal said growth could come in at 7.7. surpassing beijing's target of 7.5%. sen second mainland stocks finished with .64%. over 15% after profit warnings. and the market is out of action today celebratin
Jan 30, 2013 12:00am EST
] >> all: [cheering response] [ticking] >> it's harvest time in the great vineyards of italy, none greater than the 5,000 acres farmed by the antinori family. they've been in the same line of work for six centuries now. >> cheers. >> the antinoris make wine, and the family story reads like something a wine critic might write about their product: complex, stylish, sophisticated, with a bouquet both elegant and earthy. [glasses clinking] [ticking] >> we're about as far away from home as you can get. we're basically at the edge of the earth as we would know it. >> only a handful of humans are known to have walked this ground. >> [whistling] >> we were in the very place where bruce beehler and other scientists had discovered dozens of new species. >> that's the wattled smokey honey eater. watch out here. >> bruce was on march to find what are called birds of paradise. [bird hooting] >> can you see them, bob? >> and then we saw it. what happened next was otherworldly. [bird hooting] >> welcome to 60 minutes on cnbc. i'm morley safer. in this edition, we take a global adventure with stops in moz
FOX Business
Jan 7, 2013 4:00pm EST
know of greece's problems. of course spain and italy, italy, just can't grow. >> sure. ashley: you're not worried about that scenario, especially a economy the size of italy and spain? >> at the end of the day we're buying companies, we're not buying countries. we own a couple of securities in italy. we have something in spain. ashley: there are consumers in europe, if they're struggling and then by, you know, they will not be able to buy the products? >> you're right. you also have global businesses that are based in europe and so you're not relying only on domestic consumption. ashley: gotcha. >> that creates great opportunity because they're based there but you're getting, really getting business from all over the world and we own some of those in our portfolio today. ashley: with that in mind, who do you like in particular? what companies, what stocks do you like? >> one of our favorite holdings and one of our top 10 holds is vivendi. ashley: okay. >> you have a french conglomerate. they own 62% of the activation the videogame maker. ashley: yeah. >> they have the largest music
Jan 30, 2013 4:00am EST
yesterday, closed now, down 3.5%. meanwhile, ne down 3% to 4 after being lowered on the market, italy's other major oil company. >>> and the fiat ceo saying 2012 results in line with expectations. and the group is doing well. he would say that, i suppose. maserati will start the car production -- maserati doing quite well. >> would you like to give that a whirl? >> a little spin. yeah. they do particularly well. they reinvented the four-dour parts car, then the astin. >> see if it will help shares there. >>> and on the show, we'll head to san francisco ahead of facebook's earnings. we'll speak to the best-selling author on why mark zuckerberg company became successful. >>> we'll fly to chicago where our own phil lebow will join us to preview boeing's earnings after the troubles that company's had with its dreamliners. >>> the latest from down under. australian prime minister surprising people -- you have to wait for a long time. >> it's a long period that they'll have this there. >> the u.k. >> like a u.s. style -- >> in the u.k., you call the election, four weeks later it happens. >>
Jan 29, 2013 5:34pm PST
-tax pledge is being picked up by a group in italy called tea party italia. is that because that's where fascism began or they saw how well it worked here? >> it sounds like a dance club. >> john: tom hanks is doing the remaining. >> i want a branch in russia. i think any kind of empire should have a tea party there. >> the italian tea party will be far better dressed. the tricorner hat will be tilted to the side. >> it makes since they would be getting the tea party in europe. our fads go there when we're done with them, you know. they're probably just getting season one of fresh prince now. they're still wearing acid-wash jeans. >> john: neon is going to break any day. it is a good point you know. when you consider the point that like this whole notion of not paying any taxes freedom isn't tree but don't ask me to pay for it. a is that stupid enough to catch on with our european allies? >> my stepsister lives in italy. that country is a mess. i'm not saying -- maybe some sort of counter weight over there might not be a terrible idea. that country is about four years away from being a g
Jan 22, 2013 2:00am PST
. thanks for joining us. a rock band defies the mafia in italy. croatia -- we take you to an island inhabited by monks. and france -- people are learning german again. people in the czech republic are electing a new president directly for the first time. during his 10 years in power, klaus often angered his european partners with his euro skeptics commons. now, he is making a final grand gesture. >> watching televised images of amnestied convicts leaving prison as free citizens. the same people he says are responsible for his losing everything he worked so hard for. now he will be in debt for the rest of his life. >> i will tell you quite openly and with some bitterness i'm no friend of amnesty's like this. it is a sweeping amnesty that is not just affect small-time hoods. at least 120 really big fish who have thousands of victims. >> in the late 1990's, he had a house bill. he paid some 100,000 euros but only got a bear shell. the managers took the money out of the construction company and let it go bankrupt. he had to sink another $100,000 into finishing the house. but that was no
Jan 28, 2013 6:00am PST
as we take a look at europe, several areas also continuing to watch. italy, you are seeing some rain showers, even gusty winds from a low pressure area. but the thing with this one, it's going to start to work to the east. high pressure is going to be ridging in behind it. that's really going to bring in much farrer weather across the iberian peninsula and italy and the mediterranean and they'll be sharing in on this great weather. the north and british isles, you're not sharing in on it. gale warnings in effect across much of the british isles. up to about 70 to 100 kilometer per hour winds are expected here. tuesday, you're going to get a short break. that system does push to the east. another one will be coming off the atlantic right on its heels. that will be bringing yet another round of rough weather for you. at least for the temperatures though in london and paris, remaining at 13 and 12 for the high on tuesday. talking about cold temperatures. let's take a look at moscow and kiev. minus four and five for your highs. here's a look at your extended forecast. >>> we'll be back i
Jan 13, 2013 6:00pm PST
aground off the coast of italy. victims were remembered even as the shell of the the capsized ship remained in the background today. allen pizzey was there. >> reporter: the day began with a somber and unusual event. relatives of the 32 people who died were taken out to the reeve where a tendon piece of the rock that tore up the costa concordia was lowered back down. it carried a plaque with the date of the accident and a latin inscription that reads "in eternal memory" as the ferry passed close to the costa concordia the mourners tossed wreaths into the sea. the ship's horn blasted 32 times and the wind and waves pushed the floral tributes towards the wreck. the children of victims gerald and barbara heil from minnesota said they were happy they came. and told the memorial mass was moving. speakers of the service brasd the islanders who opened their doors to cold, wet and often terrified survivors. the people of giglio had hoped that by now there would be nothing left except the memories and memorials but it will be at least another 8 months before the costa concordia can be reflo
Jan 13, 2013 9:00pm PST
and victims' relatives in italy marked the shipwreck that left 32 people dead. they inveiled memorials in central italy. on this day last year the ship hit a massive rock that tore a hole in the ocean liner. >> it's going to be exactly that moment it happened. >> in an interview today the ship's captain again blamed others for failing to inform him of the situation in time. it remains grounded on it's a side and may take until september to prepare the ship to be rolled upright and towed. >> park rangers in kenya believe it would help elephants. it would set perimeters around the elephant reserve. if it's breached by posters possible. it isn't the only high-tech plan to help elephant poaching. google has donated $5 million to set up a drone system. >>> it would set up fines for careless handling of trash. multiple violations could involve in a large fine. incline village passed one in 2007 and saw a significant drop in incidents. >> another boelg 787 dream liner grounded. the problems with the liner boeing considers the future of air travel. >> in the bay area, it will be another chilly
Jan 14, 2013 9:00am PST
and the matter is how we can put things into order in our household but definitely italy is a major stable solid economy, and once -- already there are signs of strong improvement. once this crisis is over we will definitely flex the muscles. please. >> [inaudible] are you planning show case any important architects and designers in this year of italian culture? >> definitely. i mean in san francisco there's a wonderful san francisco design week, so we will have an italian design week too. we are planning on an exhibition of cultural institute with major brands of interior design. there's also very nice thing that we're working on. a famous architect has designed the california academy of sciences, the wonderful building in golden gate park. he has also designed similar museum in italy in my city and the museum is almost finished there, and our ambition is to have him come over and celebrate at the academy, and also talk to young architects about the most sustainable ways to build this century. other questions? if there is no other question i thank you so much. thank our distinguished
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 613 (some duplicates have been removed)